Saturday, February 26, 2011

How Many Poker Chips Do I Need For My Game?

When you host your Poker home-game, will you have enough poker chips?  How many do you need?  Well that depends on how many players will be participating in your game.

Is there a formula that I should be using to determine the right amount of chips to have?

That’s a great question!  It’s important to have enough chips so that your game runs smoothly.  The game can really slow up if there aren’t enough chips to keep the action going.  Keep this information in mind when making your choice: 
3 to 4 people require at least 300 Chips. 
5 to 6 people require at least 400 Chips. 
7 to 8 people require at least 500 to 600 Chips. 
9 or more people require at least 750 to 1000 Chips.


And remember to choose the right denominations for your game.

When you choose the right quantities and the right denominations, you are sure to have a great game!

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Poker Chips With or Without Denominations

So should I buy poker chips with denominations or without?

That's not an unreasonable question.  With so many chip styles to choose from, how does one decide which one is the right one?

First it helps to know the stakes of the game you intend to play.  Since most chip sets start with $1 chips as their lowest denomination, one needs to consider if those will fit into your game.  And if a set with denominations is chosen, which denominations should one include in the set?

If your game is for lower denominations, like quarters or half-dollars, you might want to select a set that is non-denominational so that you may name your own values based on the chip colors.

Sometimes, if you look hard enough, you just might find a set that has values less than $1 as well.

And make sure to choose a set that has enough chips for your game.  The number of chips you needs depends on how many players you plan to have.  Follow these rules of thumb:
3 to 4 people require at least 300 Chips
5 to 6 people require at least 400 Chips
7 to 8 people require at least 500 Chips
9 or more people require at least 1000 Chips

Whatever your needs are, do your shopping.  There are many choices available to fit your needs.  Make your choice, and "Shuffle up and deal!"