Saturday, February 26, 2011

How Many Poker Chips Do I Need For My Game?

When you host your Poker home-game, will you have enough poker chips?  How many do you need?  Well that depends on how many players will be participating in your game.

Is there a formula that I should be using to determine the right amount of chips to have?

That’s a great question!  It’s important to have enough chips so that your game runs smoothly.  The game can really slow up if there aren’t enough chips to keep the action going.  Keep this information in mind when making your choice: 
3 to 4 people require at least 300 Chips. 
5 to 6 people require at least 400 Chips. 
7 to 8 people require at least 500 to 600 Chips. 
9 or more people require at least 750 to 1000 Chips.


And remember to choose the right denominations for your game.

When you choose the right quantities and the right denominations, you are sure to have a great game!

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Poker Chips With or Without Denominations

So should I buy poker chips with denominations or without?

That's not an unreasonable question.  With so many chip styles to choose from, how does one decide which one is the right one?

First it helps to know the stakes of the game you intend to play.  Since most chip sets start with $1 chips as their lowest denomination, one needs to consider if those will fit into your game.  And if a set with denominations is chosen, which denominations should one include in the set?

If your game is for lower denominations, like quarters or half-dollars, you might want to select a set that is non-denominational so that you may name your own values based on the chip colors.

Sometimes, if you look hard enough, you just might find a set that has values less than $1 as well.

And make sure to choose a set that has enough chips for your game.  The number of chips you needs depends on how many players you plan to have.  Follow these rules of thumb:
3 to 4 people require at least 300 Chips
5 to 6 people require at least 400 Chips
7 to 8 people require at least 500 Chips
9 or more people require at least 1000 Chips

Whatever your needs are, do your shopping.  There are many choices available to fit your needs.  Make your choice, and "Shuffle up and deal!"

Thursday, January 27, 2011

You will love our Crown & Dice Poker Chips

Crown & Dice Poker Chips are 14 grams in weight and made from the finest clay composite material used in making today's poker chips.  This 500 chip set will add an air of class to your home game, and will impress your friends because of the professional feel and sound that these chips demonstrate.
The chips are non-denominational, so that you may assign whatever value to each chip is appropriate for your game.
Each set includes 7 colors of chips   
The breakout is:
  • 100 White
  • 100 Red
  • 100 Green
  • 100 Black
  • 50   Blue
  • 25   Pink
  • 25   Orange
Each set includes a heavy duty aluminum case that includes a dealer button, 5 dice & 2 decks of cards.  Each case also comes with keys to lock the case.  Our sets are packaged in styrofoam to ensure safe shipping!  And the SHIPPING IS FREE!!!

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Our Best Poker Chip Deal

We have lots of different Poker Chips on our web-site; but this Diamond Suited Poker Chip Set is the best deal we have to offer!

At 12.5 grams, these are the perfect weight for your home game.  They sound like the professional chips you find in the casinos when they splash the pot.  They feel great in your hand, and stack just like the pros on TV.
These chips are non-denominational, so that you may choose their value in your game.  This 500 Chip Set comes in an Aluminum carrying case and includes 2 decks of cards, 5 dice, and a Dealer's Button.  All for only $63.95---INCLUDING SHIPPING!!!  
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This 12.5 gram weight 500 piece set offers a unique design and includes 5 colors!
The breakout is:
150 white chips
100 red chips
100 green chips
100 blue chips
50 black chips
If you prefer different colors from those showing above, we can customize how many of which colors you would like for only an additional $7.50.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Heaviest Poker Chips We Offer

They are the Coin Inlay 15 gram Poker Chips!  Just like the ones you have seen in the casinos in Las Vegas!

The metal inlay display reads "Casino" at the top, and "Las Vegas" at the bottom. In the middle of the inlay is the denomination with the card suits on either side. Each denomination has its own color.  The sharp look of these unique chips is enough to set them apart from most, but the feel is what really puts them above and beyond the field.

Our 500 Poker Chip Set comes in an Aluminum carrying case, which includes 2 decks of cards, 5 dice, and a Dealer's Button.  You will receive 150 - $1 chips, 100 - $5 chips,  100 - $25 chips, 100 - $100 chips, 25 -   $500 chips, and 25 - $1,000 chips.  This set is only $106.95, and SHIPPING IS FREE!!!

If you would like to choose how many of each denomination you receive, you may do so for only an additional $7.50.  Chips in the denominations of 25 cents and $5000 are also available to choose from.

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Welcome Back, Poker Players!

Now that the Holidays are over (can we breath a collective sigh of relief?), and we are settling back in to our regular lives, it's time to think about your next social gathering.  

How about a Poker Party?

At you can find the right set of poker chips to make your party fun and memorable.

Take a look at this one:

It's the Las Vegas 14 gram Poker Chip Set!  At 14 grams, the weight of these chips really gives you that professional feel and sound.  The set consists of 500 Chips in an aluminum carrying case.  Included are a Dealer's Button, 2 decks of cards and 5 dice. The price is just $77.95 and SHIPPING IS FREE!!!

These chips have denominations on them.  The breakout of the set is 150 $1 chips, 100 $5 chips, 100 $25 chips, 100 $100 chips, 25 $500 chips, and 25 $1000 chips.  If you would prefer, we can customize how many chips of which denominations you receive for only $7.50 more.  Also available are chips in $10, $50, $5,000 & $10,000 denominations.

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy New Year, Poker Players!

Welcome to 2011.

At we look forward to another great year of helping you pick out the best Poker Supplies for your Home Game.

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