Thursday, January 20, 2011

Our Best Poker Chip Deal

We have lots of different Poker Chips on our web-site; but this Diamond Suited Poker Chip Set is the best deal we have to offer!

At 12.5 grams, these are the perfect weight for your home game.  They sound like the professional chips you find in the casinos when they splash the pot.  They feel great in your hand, and stack just like the pros on TV.
These chips are non-denominational, so that you may choose their value in your game.  This 500 Chip Set comes in an Aluminum carrying case and includes 2 decks of cards, 5 dice, and a Dealer's Button.  All for only $63.95---INCLUDING SHIPPING!!!  
That's right; SHIPPING IS FREE!!!

This 12.5 gram weight 500 piece set offers a unique design and includes 5 colors!
The breakout is:
150 white chips
100 red chips
100 green chips
100 blue chips
50 black chips
If you prefer different colors from those showing above, we can customize how many of which colors you would like for only an additional $7.50.

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And remember, shipping is always FREE whenever you order from our web-site.

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