Thursday, January 27, 2011

You will love our Crown & Dice Poker Chips

Crown & Dice Poker Chips are 14 grams in weight and made from the finest clay composite material used in making today's poker chips.  This 500 chip set will add an air of class to your home game, and will impress your friends because of the professional feel and sound that these chips demonstrate.
The chips are non-denominational, so that you may assign whatever value to each chip is appropriate for your game.
Each set includes 7 colors of chips   
The breakout is:
  • 100 White
  • 100 Red
  • 100 Green
  • 100 Black
  • 50   Blue
  • 25   Pink
  • 25   Orange
Each set includes a heavy duty aluminum case that includes a dealer button, 5 dice & 2 decks of cards.  Each case also comes with keys to lock the case.  Our sets are packaged in styrofoam to ensure safe shipping!  And the SHIPPING IS FREE!!!

The discounted price for this 500 chip set is only $84.95, and INCLUDES SHIPPING!!! 

Check out this set at:

We also offer these poker chips in sets of 1000, 750, 600, 300, and 200 in a variety of different carrying cases as well.  The Crown & Dice Poker Chips are available in 9 different colors, and we can customize how many of which colors you receive for only an additional $7.50 per set.
Please check out the 17 other brands of Poker Chips that our available on our web-site at:

We also offer a great variety of Poker Tables, Table Tops, and Playing Cards. 

Come and browse, and let us help you to put together a great home poker game!

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